Welcome to BeLoved!

Hello! Welcome to BeLoved’s online space for shared adventures, team building, and your BeLoved stories!

We are a home for passionate people eager to bring social change worldwide who believe that the first step is individual revelation that we are BeLoved by God and created for a purpose.

BeLoved is a lifestyle: having an identity firmly rooted in Christ as His BeLoved.

BeLoved is an action: being the hands and feet that show the world that they, too, are BeLoved.

BeLoved is a commitment: not stopping until each person knows the true freedom of living a life as one of God’s BeLoved.

Welcome to the BeLoved family. Click a link below and find where you belong.


BeLoved will bring awareness, prayer, funding, and service together to meet the “gap needs” of established partners in kingdom work through media focused and artistic campaigns, located around the world each year.









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