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Drew traveled to Montrouis, Haiti in January 2016, with a group of 11 other men and women from central New York to assist one of the local mission stations with the building of a new supply building which will support short-term missions teams throughout the area and expanded the mission’s solar power generating capacity by adding several new panels and switch gear to the current

Drew has been called back to Haiti for a new project starting in December 2016 which will restore crop irrigation and provide clean water to Babaco, a village of 500 homes just east of Port Au Prince.

In 2010, much of the world watched on as Haiti experienced a massive earthquake which leveled many villages, left millions homeless, and killed thousands.

Still reeling from the effects of the earthquake, Haiti was hit once again in 2012 by Hurricane Sandy which brought four days of heavy rains to the country.

Babaco was not in the direct path of either the earthquake nor the hurricane; however, earthquake-induced water table changes and mudslides from heavy rains during hurricane Sandy diverted their most critical resource, water from Riviere Blanche away from the village irrigation system. As a result of the diversion of the river, the village’s only source of water currently is what little rain has fallen in the last few years which does not provide enough water to sustain crops to feed the village; many families have had to move elsewhere in Haiti to survive.

In 2015, a village development council was formed to try and address the needs of the village. They have made great progress since then; however, they do not have the income or technical ability to install the wells they need to produce enough water to irrigate their cropland or provide fresh water to the village.

In January 2016, and in the following months, a group was formed of people from Haiti, Canada, and the United States to develop a plan to drill wells in the village and to repair their irrigation system.

Starting in December 2016, the plan will begin to be implemented. Drew will be traveling with his wife and youngest son with CODE Ministries and Wesleyan Global Partners to Babaco to install a generator, battery bank, and inverter, which will be used to power a well designed to irrigate a large kitchen garden near the local church in Babaco. This well is a test well to study how much water is needed in the rest of the fields near Babaco. He will also be looking at alternative energy to power the other irrigation wells which will be installed later.

As a family, the Rankins will meet with long-term missionaries in Haiti and pray to seek God’s will to either continue to make regular visits to Haiti or move to Haiti permanently to support the long-term mission of CODE Ministries and Wesleyan Global Partners in the Caribbean region.

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